Synchrony Global Diversity Symposium
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Meet the Network Leaders

From cultural diversity to diversity of thought, we aim to build an inclusive and responsible environment where all views are welcome. To reach our goals, we have seven diversity networks that help attract, retain and promote diverse talent:
  • African American Network+
  • Asian Professional Engagement Network+
  • Hispanic Network+
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+ Network
  • People with Disabilities Network+
  • Veterans Network+
  • Women’s Network+
We’re all influenced by our culture, experience and backgrounds. At Synchrony, we don’t minimize these differences—we celebrate them.

Allen Photo

African American Network + (AAN+)

Leader: Deirdre Allen

AAN+ Logo
Ang Photo

Asian Professional Engagement Network + (APEN+)

Leader: Noel Ang

APEN+ Logo
Blanks Photo

Hispanic Network+ (HN+)

Leader: Liz Blanks

HN+ Logo
Jeff Valyou Photo

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+ Network (LGBT+)

Leader: Jeffrey Valyou

LGBT+ Logo
Kim Photo

People with Disabilities Network + (PDN+)

Leader: Cherian Km

PWD+ Logo
Scott Photo

Veterans Network+ (VN+)

Leader: Andy Scott

VN+ Logo
Vogt Photo

Women’s Network+ (WN+)

Leader: Kathy Vogt

WN+ Logo